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Sample Activities
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Level PreK
E-Book: When It Rains Books provide children with endless opportunities to explore new worlds as they learn more about how oral and written language work. This e-book continues to encourage your emergent and early readers to develop their beginning reading skills one step at a time. Each theme-based book is designed to complement your reading program with two reading modes: Read to Me and Let Me Read.
Pick a Pair Teaser and Naps are best buddies—you might even say they are quite a pair! They are working together to find pairs of pictures whose names rhyme with one another. Naps invites children to help him find pictures that rhyme to make a pair.
Kiwi's Balloons In this learning game, children identify similarities and differences among uppercase and lowercase letters in three levels of graduated play.
Naps' 123s Children are invited to identify numerals in their correct order to pop the balloons so that Teaser can find Naps. In this learning game, children develop their understanding of numbers and their meaning. They learn to recognize what the numeric forms are, what they represent, and what their correct order is.
Paint Box: Weather Symbols As part of a thematic curriculum, the Paint Box tool encourages children to express their ideas by painting, drawing, and stamping on theme-based templates, and skill-and character-based templates. In this learning game, children develop their observation and literacy skills as well as their ability to reason, to express and represent ideas, to stretch their imaginations, and to refine their motor skills.

Reading/Language Arts Level Kindergarten
Phonological Awareness: The Sound of ''m'' Students will identify and associate the /m/ sound.
Writer's Corner with /m/ and /s/ Students will select backgrounds (settings), characters, and objects from the stories and activities in the chapter. After building their own stories, these stories may be printed.
Pam's Pad: A Decodable Reader Students have the opportunity to practice decoding skills using the sounds that they have previously learned.

Math Level Kindergarten
Sorting Under the Sea Students will sort pictures by appearance (i.e. color, size, shape).
Estimate and Measure with Chef Pierre Students use non-standard units to estimate and measure.

Reading/Language Arts Levels One and Two
Phonics Felt Board-Weather Through a series of learning activities focused on discovery, recognition, and application, the student will practice phonetic skills. Students will experience words in a variety of modes, including rhyme and story.
Story Creator - Oceans Students can choose backgrounds, characters and words from the word bank to retell or create a new story.
Monkey See, Monkey Do Students match beginning blend sound of /fl/ to identify pictures with the same beginning sound.
Phonics Review: Letters m,r,h,a,s,d and t Students learn to recognize letters through pictures, correct pronunciation and reinforcement through real life pictures.

Math Levels One and Two
Invisible Ape Students will use metric units to measure, compare, and order objects according to capacity.
Fish Tales Students will use customary units to measure, compare, and order objects according to lengths, in inches and feet.
Rhino Raider Students will predict and extend existing numerical patterns using addition.

Science Levels One and Two
Grouping Animals Students explore and learn about grouping animals by plant eaters, meat eaters, and those that eat both.
Voyage to the Earth, Moon and Sun Students explore and learn about the Earth, Moon and Sun and their relationship to earth other in the Solar System.

Social Studies Levels Two and Three
Over the Edge Students learn about using a compass and understanding directions of NESW.
It's a Matter of Time Students learn about timelines and the order of events.

Reading/Language Arts Levels Three and Four
Tossed Up Talents Students will be introduced to word analysis by identifying various homophones that sound the same, but are spelled differently, and have different meanings.
Comma Confusion Students will learn the importance of using commas correctly in a variety of situations.

Math Levels Three and Four
Right Back at You Students will identify and classify angles as right, obtuse, or acute.
If the Key Fits Students will apply a slide, flip, or turn to a plane figure. Predict the result.
Package Company Students will identify the attributes of polygons (vertices, sides, and angles) and sort by particular characteristics of the plane figure.
Probably a Favorite Students will interpret line and stem-and-leaf plots, compare data, and draw conclusions.

Matématicas Levels Three and Four
De vuelta a ti Spanish version of Right Back at You. Students will identify and classify angles as right, obtuse, or acute.
Si la llave Encaja Spanish version of If the Key Fits. Students will apply a slide, flip, or turn to a plane figure. Predict the result.
Compañia de Empaques Spanish version of Package Company. Students will identify the attributes of polygons (vertices, sides, and angles) and sort by particular characteristics of the plane figure.
Probablemente un favorite Spanish version of Probably a Favorite. Students will interpret line and stem-and-leaf plots, compare data, and draw conclusions.

Science Levels Four and Five
Mission to Mercury Students learn about the planet Mercury.
What Should I Eat? Students will learn about food groups and eating healthy.

Reading/Language Arts Levels Five and Six
Lupita Mañana - Background Students will explore content through discovery and activate prior knowledge in preparation for reading the literature selection.
Lupita Mañana - Comprehension: Draw Conclusions Students will use a variety of strategies to comprehend by drawing conclusions after reading the literature selection.

Math Levels Five and Six
Multiplying Fractions Students will multiply mixed numbers by whole numbers and fractions.
Treasure Hunter Students will define and identify terminating and repeating decimals.

Social Studies Levels Five and Six
Feel the Dots Students learn about Louis Braille and the invention of the Braille system.
Cast Your Vote Students learn about women and the voting process.

Reading/Language Arts Levels Seven and Eight
Scarlet Pimpernel Background Students will explore to acquire background information to set the stage for the play ''The Scarlet Pimpernel.''
Scarlet Pimpernel Comprehension Students will learn about the impact of different points of view on the reader.
The Scarlet Pimpernel-Writing Application Students will learn how to write their own movie review.

Math Levels Seven and Eight
Area Students learn about area and perimeter by drawing various shapes and problem solving.
Lines and Angles I Students learn about vertical, congruent and interior angles and how they relate to parallel lines and transversal.

Social Studies Level 7
Liberty or Death Students will analyze the early calls for independence by colonists and the early battles of the American Revolution.

The Distributive Property - Factoring This lesson discusses the use of the distributive property of multiplication to find the factors of an expression.
Organizing Data This lesson explains how to organize data in frequency tables, stem-and-leaf plots, bar graphs, and histograms.
Modeling Expressions Modeling Expressions, Students investigate representing and simplifying Algebra in expressions using Algebra tiles.

ELL Elementary
Winnie's World-The Family Home Winnie’s World-The Family Home, Acquire a vocabulary and background in family, home, and community; categorize information by attribute and decipher the meaning of an unfamiliar word in context; activate prior knowledge by listening and viewing while acquiring background knowledge.
Freddy's Islands: Travel Island Acquire and develop vocabulary and number sense and time; follow spoken directions; determine the purpose of the material, identify the problem to be solved, follow a sequence of events in a praocuedure and listen to direction; locate specific information while attending to speaker; match spoken words to pictures.
Freddy's Islands: Musical Jungle Island Develop a vocabulary in conservation, ecology, zoology, and music; adjust reading rate appropriately; follow written and spoken directions; interpret animations and graphics; listen to dialog and for keywords; add information and ideas; decipher words; listen for amusement; retell information in own words; respond to stories.